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To Come!

Baby Monitor (Concept)

Listening to a baby breathing at night can be pretty scary. At times it can be very loud and irregular and other times almost silent. With my first child I stayed up many nights stressing over this, so my motivation for this project was to let me sleep in peace knowing my soon to be delivered (at the time) 2nd child was being carefully monitored. As it turned out, the stress went away with my second child and I am able to sleep like a baby (while the baby is sleeping) even without the monitor. This is good as the Baby Monitor project wasn't a complete success (as described in the project documentation). In any case, I think it makes for a good proof of concept and wanted to share the results.

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Temperature Candle

The Temperature Candle night-light “flickers” an RGB (Red, Green, Blue) LED like a candle at a color determined by the ambient temperature. The color gives an indication of the room temperature in reference to the recommended sleep time temperature for babies to reduce the risk of SIDS.

The actual temperature value (in degrees C) can also be reported by pressing a reset button on the PCB or cycling power to the device. Upon power up or reset, the temperature is reported by blinking the LED blue for each ten degree increment followed by blinking the LED red for each single degree increment. For example, if the ambient temperature was 23 degrees C, the LED would blink blue twice and then blink red 3 times upon power up or reset.

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Ether IR

The Ether IR, is an Ethernet enabled universal remote for controlling televisions, cable boxes, DVD players, etc. This allows placement of the board with audio / video equipment out of sight, such as in a closet behind closed doors where typical infrared remotes can not reach (assuming you also have a router in the closet or can run an Ethernet cable to the closet).

Control is provided to this equipment through any device with a connection to the local network through a small web page that provides a typical remote control interface. The interface page is designed to display properly on common cell phone screen resolutions, meaning that when used in combination with a WiFi network, WiFi enabled cell phones or MP3 players can be conveniently used as a remote control.

In addition, laptops, tablet PCs and anything else sharing network access with the Ether IR can act as a remote control. The Ether IR board contains an IR LED and also provides the capability of running two remote IR LEDs for equipment located in separate locations.

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MerMar Designs is a website where I hope to document any interesting non-work related projects I'm working on. I'll try to Open Source all the work I do. Hopefully as time goes on I'll get more projects up here. Part of the reason for making this site is to provide myself with a little extra motivation to actually finish projects I start and to force me to document them well. And, in keeping with the Open Source philosophy, sharing my work with others.

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