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Ether IR

PROJECT UPDATE: Many people have expressed interest in this project, but I have put it to the side for a few reasons. 1) It's too expensive. 2) It only works with 38kHz devices, and maybe not even all those. It works for my application at home, but I found it didn't work well with a lot of other equipment, maybe because of other IR frequencies or something with my code... 3) I used Microchip's free Ethernet stack which is not Open Source, and they wouldn't let me post the code here. I posted a couple files related to the basic functionality of the device if you care to look at it, but without the stack it won't do much good. Someday if I have the motivation I will redesign this to be cheaper, to work with more devices and to use an Open Source Ethernet stack. In the meantime, maybe something below will be of interest or value to you.

The Ether IR, is an Ethernet enabled universal remote for controlling televisions, cable boxes, DVD players, etc. This allows placement of the board with audio / video equipment out of sight, such as in a closet behind closed doors where typical infrared remotes can not reach (assuming you also have a router in the closet or can run an Ethernet cable to the closet).

Control is provided to this equipment through any device with a connection to the local network through a small web page that provides a typical remote control interface. The interface page is designed to display properly on common cell phone screen resolutions, meaning that when used in combination with a WiFi network, WiFi enabled cell phones or MP3 players can be conveniently used as a remote control.

In addition, laptops, tablet PCs and anything else sharing network access with the Ether IR can act as a remote control. The Ether IR board contains an IR LED and also provides the capability of running two remote IR LEDs for equipment located in separate locations. Refer to the documentation below for more information.


Ether IR Instruction Manual (PDF)

Ether IR Design Documentation (PDF)

Example Remote Interface Page

Schematic Image Ver 1.1

PCB Image Ver 1.1

Schematic and PCB Eage Design Files (Zip)

Bill of Materials (Open Office Calc file)

Firmware (see Project Update at top of page)

HTML Interface